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Essie Gel Couture Avant-Garde Collection

Seche Vite™ 超快乾面油

$150.00  $80.00

Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat



Seche Vite


Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat

  • World's finest top coat
  • Patented formula penetrates all layers of polish for a fast drying, more durable finish
  • Guaranteed not to yellow
  • Nails wil feel silky, be stronger and will not chip


Seche Vite™  Dry Fast Top Coat

速乾防黃亮面油  (超快乾面油)

  • 全球最優質的快乾亮甲面油
  • 獨有的專利配方可經面層滲透至底油層,在甲面形成一層堅固的保護膜
  • 保證不會令甲面變黃,效果更持久
  • 甲質會感到如絲般潤滑,增強甲面堅硬度,防止指甲破裂



  • Model: 83005
  • Shipping Weight: 80g
  • Manufactured by: Seche

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